App Design

Our app design and development team have a load of experience working on headless eCommerce stores, data collection and management apps.

We make regular Android apps, iOS apps and Progressive Web Apps.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps installed on Android and iOS devices (and other operating systems) are known as native apps.

Progressive Web App Development

Apps for your mobile devices you’ll know about, but a Progressive Web App is a website that can be used on your device and provides an app-like experience. The benefit is this ‘app’ is now as small as a website and loads just as quickly (or maybe faster on older devices) as any other app.

Users don’t need to update their devices or update the app because a Progressive Web App is kept up to date by you, so all users instantly get the latest and best experience.

  • delivers app-like experience
  • high performance
  • low-data use 
  • no installation needed
  • no updates required
  • accessible on desktop computers
  • no App Store submission delays (especially on iOS)
  • minimised cost of ownership compared to native apps
  • super fast load times
  • push notifications and others still available
  • can still work offline and on low-quality networks

Though it is  basically like a web page, Progressive Web Apps can still use geo-location features, be allowed to access the device camera for image, audio video capture, audio recording and push notifications.

Add this to password authentication, AR/VR, device vibration prompts, DeviceMotionEvent (DME), speech synthesis & speech recognition capabilities, and you have a great, less expensive alternative to installing software and worrying about device compatibility.